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On The Importance of Philosophical Frameworks in Politics

Perhaps what manifests itself as apathy in the Indian political system is really the lack of means to have a political discourse?

The Milky Way

I was looking for this mosaic of the Milky Way stitched together from images shot by the Spitzer Space Telescope. And since a good place to look for stuff like that is the Wikipedia, I duly headed there to find the beautiful image below, instead. Beautiful, not just because it is a 3600 panorama, but […]

Two Concepts of Liberty

The Two Concepts of Liberty is Isaiah Berlin’s attempt at seeking to understand how the two political systems embattled in the cold war, while both claiming to further freedom or liberty, came to be so different and at odds with each other.

First Post!

That’s my “geographical IQ”, apparently. The several times I took the test, the results have been fairly consistent. Every one of those times, I fell short of clearing the last level by about 5K – 10K points and the supposed “IQ” score hasn’t varied much either (+/- 5). Standardized test, you think? or perhaps it is just that the map is so tiny and the questions always include the country name as a hint that as long as you are aware of the general geographical location, you’ll do just fine.